Sri Swasthani Brata Katha is the story recited every day for a month. It is started from the full moon day of Poush and ends in the full moon day of Magh according to lunar calendar. According to Gregorian calendar it falls in between January and February. In 2017 today(January 12th) is the 1st day of this ritual.The tale is about goddess Swasthani and Lord Shiva and various gods goddesses. It is taken from Skanda Puran which is sacred book of Hindus. It is believed that if any one does fasting throughout the month and worshiped Goddess Swasthani then their wishes will be fulfilled and they will be blessed. Mostly women do this fasting.  In Kathmandu valley Salinadi (River in Saakhu) is the famous place for Swasthani Brata. Most devotees visit there as it is the place where goddess Parvati kept Swasthani Brata to get Lord Shiva as her husband. At the end of the Brata, Goddess Swasthani is worshiped and everything has to be 108 in number. 108 pieces of flowers, foods, fruits etc., and is given to the husbands, if no husband then it is given to son, if no son then it is taken to river.