“Sankranti” means the first day of a month. Maghe Sankranti mean the first day of the month Magh. It falls in the mid of January in Gregorian calendar, weather is pretty cold in Nepal. It is believed that Maghe Sankranti is the coldest day in a year. after this day the days will become warmer and warmer.  Hindus in Nepal celebrate this day by taking bath in holy rivers and by eating various food like ghee and chaku (molasses), Yam, sesame laddoos, spinach etc. that helps to keep our body warm. This festival is celebrated all over Nepal. Kirat, Tharu and Maithili people celebrated this day as their new year “Yele Dhung”. They celebrate this for a week. In this day God Til Madhav is worshipped, which is situated at Bhaktapur. According to the holy book Mahavarat Bhishmapitamaha wished death this day and achieved Moksha (released from the cycle of rebirth) . It is believed that who died this day will achieve Moksha.

In this year Maghe Sankranti fell on January 14th which is Yesterday and is celebrated all over the country.