After two decades, the most awaited moment of Nepalese “The Local Election” was held on 14th March 2017 in 281 local units of 34 districts. The election is set to be take place in two phases. One phase has been completed and the next phase of this election will be held on 14th June.  Local level will have one Mayor and one Deputy Mayor in each municipality. Also, in each ward, there will be one Ward Chairman and four Members (two must be female). In each village council, there will be one Chairman, one Deputy Chairman, one Ward Chairman and four ward members (two must be female).  All these terms are for next 5 years.

The total numbers of candidates in the first phase of the election are 49337. This includes 30005 men and 19332 women. The percentage of male and female candidates are 60.82% and 39.184% respectively.  There were 10640 polling locations and 18572 polling centers for the voters. The first phase of election was moreover peacefully and enthusiastically conducted with the maximum participation of voters; however, some cases of clash and violence was observed in 2 locales, Gaurishanker Village Council, Dolakha and Namobudda Municipality, Kavre.  Now the vote counting is going on and everyone is waiting for the result.

The second phase of election is going to be held on 14th June 2017 in 41 districts.  For the second phase, last date for the registration of candidate nomination and the name list of registered candidates are published in 2nd June. Submission of claims against candidates and examination of nomination paper will be on 3rd June and on 5th June. The final name list of candidates will be published and the election symbols will be distributed to candidates and on 14th June, the most awaited second phase of local election day. May this phase be conducted enthusiastically as the first phase and may this lead to the development of the country.