Author: Amrit Man Dangol

LOCAL ELECTION of NEPAL 2074 B.S. (2017 A.D.)

After two decades, the most awaited moment of Nepalese “The Local Election” was held on 14th March 2017 in 281 local units of 34 districts. The election is set to be take place in two phases. One phase has been completed and the next phase of this election will be held on 14th June.  Local level will have one Mayor and one Deputy Mayor in each municipality. Also, in each ward, there will be one Ward Chairman and four Members (two must be female). In each village council, there will be one Chairman, one Deputy Chairman, one Ward Chairman and four ward...

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“Yogurt” is a milk product, it is prepared by the fermentation of milk. The natural color of yogurt is white and it is in semi solid form. It is sour in taste that is due to the formation of lactic acid. It has several health benefits so it is good to have yogurt once a day. Yogurt in stores contain preservatives, added flavors and sugar, it does not sound good for health. Fresh and home made yogurt is the best one, and it is very easy to prepare at home. How to prepare yogurt? To prepare yogurt, what you...

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Maghe Sankranti

“Sankranti” means the first day of a month. Maghe Sankranti mean the first day of the month Magh. It falls in the mid of January in Gregorian calendar, weather is pretty cold in Nepal. It is believed that Maghe Sankranti is the coldest day in a year. after this day the days will become warmer and warmer.  Hindus in Nepal celebrate this day by taking bath in holy rivers and by eating various food like ghee and chaku (molasses), Yam, sesame laddoos, spinach etc. that helps to keep our body warm. This festival is celebrated all over Nepal. Kirat, Tharu and...

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Gastritis is stomach lining inflammation. Gastritis may be acute (short term) or Chronic(long term). Causes: It is caused by different factors such as medications, bacteria, alcohol etc. Symptoms: stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and indigestion. What to avoid in Gastritis: Alcohol, Smoking, Carbonated drinks, Fruit juice that contains citric acid, fried foods. What types of Food Should be taken in Gastritis: The fibrous food that contains flavonoid such as vegetables radish, spinach, lettuce(raw  or cooked), Fruits such as apple, banana, peaches,pears etc, low fat milk, enriched bread and cereals.  ...

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