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Swosthani Brata Katha

Sri Swasthani Brata Katha is the story recited every day for a month. It is started from the full moon day of Poush and ends in the full moon day of Magh according to lunar calendar. According to Gregorian calendar it falls in between January and February. In 2017 today(January 12th) is the 1st day of this ritual.The tale is about goddess Swasthani and Lord Shiva and various gods goddesses. It is taken from Skanda Puran which is sacred book of Hindus. It is believed that if any one does fasting throughout the month and worshiped Goddess Swasthani then...

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Trailer: War for the Planet of Apes

Story of Caesar is not over. After the previous chapter “Dawn of the Planet of apes”, it seemed that the apes’ age is over and they were once again the prisoner of ┬áhuman. But 2oth Century Fox is introducing the third chapter “War for the Planet of Apes” in 14th July 2017. ┬áThe title itself shows that there will be the battle between mankind and apes for the existence of their species in the planet. Trailer is interesting and lets hope the movie will be...

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An introduction to Samay Baji

Samay baji is traditional Newari dishes. It is prepared during festivals in Newari culture. It consists of variety of food items like beaten rice (chiura/Baji), black soyabean(kalo bhatmaas/haku musya), blackeyed beans(bodi/bhuti), ginger(aduwa/paalu), smoked buff(chhoeylaa), potato pickle( alu ko achar), egg(khen), pancakes of black grams(bara/wo), Pickle of radish, (mula ko achar), green vegetables(saag/waunchaa) and some liquor(raksi/aila). In each festival of newari people, they prepare samay baji, worship god and offer samaybaji set to god at the first place and then they have the rest of all dishes in the form of Prasad of the god. As Samay baji is a...

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